ITS / Information security

For the future of mobility society

The spread of cars has brought challenges such as the increase of road accidents and traffic congestion to our society. Given the population aging and urbanization, these problems are expected to be more serious in the future. We aim to contribute to the early deployment of highly automated vehicles which would solve these social challenges.

Past achievements

  • ■Research on European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (June 2013)

    Detailed research on Europe-wide growth strategies for tackling social challenges and standardization activities in which various public institutions were involved.

  • ■Research on standardization mechanism in Europe (November 2013)

    Detailed research on European strategy, innovation policy structure under FP7 and Horizon 2020, organizations which were involved in developing global and European standards, and standardization process.

  • ■Research on automated vehicle projects and relevant legislation in Europe and the US (Feburary 2015)

    Research on ongoing projects and activities for automated vehicle development in Europe and the US and relevant legislation in these countries.