Education support systems

Measuring user engagement in online education and online examination proctoring.

Sension’s Face Tracker and Engagement Numerical Conversion Technology are being used by leading education system suppliers in the US for their online education and online proctoring systems.

The Sension technologies allow vendors of online education systems or online examination systems to measure outcomes and improve efficiency.

Use case of Sension technology in online education

The Sension technology, which quantifies learner engagement, can bring various benefits into online education.

Engagement report for administrators or education service providers

Benefit example 1

Report on the degree of personal engagement value by time can help improve learning contents (administrators or education providers can offer better contents since the system helps them detect the cause of low engagement and address problems).

Engagement report for users

Benefit example 2

  • Report on the degree of engagement in different areas helps users understand their weakness.
  • Users can manage themselves better and improve their learning methods by comparing their engagement data to others’.

Use case of Sension technology in online examination

Use case in online examination (online proctoring)

Use case in online examination (online proctoring)
  • Thanks to the development of IT infrastructure, more and more examinations in the US are now conducted online as a solution to inconvenience caused by its large land area.
  • Online proctoring is essential to make a remote online examination fair. In online proctoring, a proctor monitors exam takers through a camera.
  • Since the number of exam takers a proctor can monitor at the same time is limited, online proctoring requires a huge number of proctors.
  • The Sension technology, which monitors exam takers in real-time via a webcamera throughout online exam and reports to proctors, allows a fair and efficient examination management and administration.