Our Core Technologies

Apart from product design and development,
we research and investigate core technologies for the future.

Video processing

Face Tracking Technology (detection of face direction and movement employing fiducial points)

  • The software IP which can recognize facial direction and movements with small operation based on an original algorithm.
  • Gaze tracking by analyzing movements of pupil and sclera.
  • Highly accurate recognition enabled by machine learning.
  • Running on any OS including Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Engagement Numerical Conversion Technology (scoring of degree of engagement)

  • User engagement level is calculated from face/gaze tracking result and scored between 0 and 100 per cent.
About Sension Inc
  • Founded in 2012 by student entrepreneurs with support from StartX, a startup accelrator of Stanford University.
  • Sension's core technologies are; video-based emotion recognition software, its underlying Face Tracking technology, and Engagement Numerical Conversion technology

Non-contact/non-invasive heart rate detection

Non-contact/non-invasive heart rate detection
  • Software IP which extracts and measures heart rate by processing and analyzing camera-captured images
  • Heart rate is measured in a non-contact/non-invasive way only with a camera.
Application examples
  • Embedding the technology in a healthcare device.

Configurable processor IP

Configurable processor IP

Configurable processor (PU) and IP which can provide hardware implementation of frequently used instructions (VU).

Appliation examples
  • Signal Processing SoC
  • Alternative to a control processor
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