Our methods [Our consulting approach]

Our “business innovation consulting” services coordinate and design innovation, and support the achievement of our clients’ visions by combining a wide range of specialist expertise in embedded system development with our global industrial network.
We also research, and support the development of, technologies which enable innovation so that we can provide latest technology trends to our clients.

Our core technologies

Apart from product design and development, we research and investigate core technologies for the future.

  • Video processing
    Video processing

    Face Tracking Technology (detection of face direction and movement employing fiducial points). Engagement Numerical Conversion Technology (scoring of degree of engagement).

  • Non-contact/non-invasive heart rate detection
    Non-contact/non-invasive heart rate detection

    Software IP which extracts and measures heart rate by processing and analyzing camera-captured images. Heart rate is measured in a non-contact/non-invasive way only with camera input.

  • Configurable processor IP
    Configurable processor IP

    Configurable processor (PU) and IP which can provide hardware implementation of frequently used instructions (VU). A set of tools to support optimization of hardware and software partitioning.

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